Introducing Paradiso: Swimwear for Bliss
Some say Paradise is lost forever— but we know better.

The ocean is the clearest turquoise you’ve ever seen— a perfect reflection of the cloudless sky. The sun glistens on the waves as far as the eye can see. When your seaplane lands, you swim in the warm water and lounge on the impossibly white sand. An exclusive boat is ready to cruise you through a tropical dreamscape: life is good.

Shooting Paradiso, our new luxury resort swimwear collection, in the Whitsunday Islands was an experience to remember. It brought to life everything we love about our new swim pieces: an ethos of freedom, luxurious pleasure, and pure “gioia di vivere’’, “ joy of life”. 

Join us for a summer season of absolute delight!

The Paradiso Collection

Our previous limited-edition collection was inspired by my colourful travels through Colombia and my life in the jungles of Bali. It was fiery, daring, and adventurous. 

But now, Alessi Swim is coming into its own. Paradiso is a dream I’ve been dreaming up for a long time— chic, elegant, timeless, sumptuous.  Of course, it still has a playful, sensuous soul, but now, it’s manifested in sleek swimwear that’s ready for the exclusive resort.

Paradiso collection designs are ultra adjustable string and one piece bikinis, made to embrace uniqueness and individuality.  You can sip a cocktail by the pool, swim in the tropics, or enjoy an alfresco dinner on a boat. Our new addition to our collection, is the unique and trending skirt, to take your swimwear from daytime exuberance to glamorous night.

The star of Paradiso is, no doubt, our new luxurious shine fabric— one of the best Italian fabrics. It’s a glossy charmeuse that’s both alluring and comfortable: perfect for unconstrained, glamorous garments that let your best self glow.

I wanted to honour our commitment to luxury yet the highest swim. Garments are durable and high-quality, the production is limited, and we use the finest Italian  fabrics. Each of our pieces has our signature gold charm to bring you extra luck!


The Experience

In the middle of a flawless July, we met up in Northern Queensland to bring Paradiso to life. With amazing and stunning models Ashton and Evie, talented Gold Coast makeup artist Fernando, and, aka Rocky Batchelor,  Australia’s leading fashion creative and commercial photographer who brought the experience through his lenses to life, our island adventure couldn’t get any better!

Later, Evie would say our trip was ‘the most amazing, inspiring, and gorgeous campaign I’ve played a part in’. Or, in Rocky’s words, ‘From seaplanes to luxury boats, exclusive beaches, perfect weather, incredible models, and some of the best quality swimwear pieces I have seen- we had it all’. I knew the campaign was going to be magical although our Paradiso campaign exceeded my expectations.

We wanted to capture the essence of Paradiso: luxurious fun, sophisticated boldness, and the zest of living life to the fullest.

We flew on a seaplane over unbelievable white sands and crystalline water, landing to jump into the soft waves of Whitehaven beach. We enjoyed the summery daze of the sun and the white sand of Hamilton Island. Then, as the sun fell, we jumped aboard a sumptuous catamaran and sailed among the immaculate, paradisiac Whitsundays sipping champagne in the jacuzzi. 

We woke up every day with the sun, inspired to live the day to the fullest and create magic together. Hard work can be play too! The team was incredible, the energy was refreshing, and our destination was heaven.

What the collection will bring you— chic swimwear to be glam and comfortable, to bring your wildest, luxurious summer visions to life.

This is the dream come true - This is Paradiso

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