We are a limited-edition swimwear label devoted to versatility, quality, and inner female power. Our collections are designed to inspire you and help you feel free in your own skin wherever you choose to adventure— at the beach & at the bar.

Alessi Swimwear is a label for bold, embodied women. Our exclusive designs channel the wild nature of the ocean and the freedom of a night out— perfect for saltwater babes who also love sipping a cocktail after a day of sun and saltwater. We love to be daring and show a bit of skin.

A little bit of Italian flair, the spirit of Bali’s jungle beaches, and a healthy dose of sun-drenched Aussie charm.

 Our premier collection is made up of 6 bodysuits and 4 bikinis designed in Melbourne and lovingly crafted in Bali from eco-friendly Italian fabrics. All our materials are of the highest quality and we make sure our production process is ethical and Earth-conscious.

Our animal guide (and logo) is the Snake, a powerful symbol of Goddess power in myth and legend all around the world. Shedding old layers and stepping into change, the snake inspires us to become the truest version of ourselves and lead a life of fearless adventure. Will you dare to embody the serpent power?


I’m Francesca Alessi, and Alessi Swimwear is my brainchild and passion project. Since my childhood in Italy, in a pristine lake town near Milan, I’ve been passionate about fashion— its possibilities for self-expression and transformation are endless. Experimenting with fun garments and wild styles gave me the strength I needed to face big challenges from a young age.

But it was only after travelling across the world to Colombia on a free-spirited, 21-year-old adventure that I realised— colour, fabric, and swimwear are my true passion. I daydreamed about shaping my love into designs for women like me, but the voices around me were not supportive. I was told the business world was too competitive, too aggressive, that it was all too hard. And, for several years, I believed it. I thought, ‘I don’t have what it takes’.

But then, something changed. I decided to believe in myself and let go of self-doubt. Like the serpent, I shed the skin of fear and stepped into the power of my creativity and intuition.

This is how Alessi Swimwear was born.

I believe that each of us has the same spark of strength and courage. I believe each of us can learn to wield it and embody it in our daily life.

Alessi Swimwear was born out of globetrotting adventure and travelling but, more deeply, it’s about getting to know yourself and the endless possibilities for transformation that your life offers.

From playing among the waves to enjoying a social night out, I believe we can enjoy all the different sides of our personality and express our potential in infinite glamorous ways. It’s more than a bikini or a bodysuit— I want to inspire you to follow your passion, stay true to your intuition and step fearlessly into your power to transform yourself and the world.

With love,

Francesca Alessi