Our conscious choice: combining fashion and sustainability
We know that the fashion industry, still too tied to the disposable mentality, has a great responsibility in worsening the condition of the environment. For this reason, we have decided to concretely commit ourselves to the protection of our planet Earth, fighting to keep the wonders of our oceans and beaches intact.

We have chosen to make all our swimsuits with an innovative 100% sustainable high-quality fabric: ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

 What is ECONYL® regenerated nylon?

 ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon thread, created from waste materials from all over the world fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets, industrial plastics.

These wastes, once purified and regenerated to return to their initial qualities, are processed in Italy to create a nylon fabric of extraordinary workmanship. It is no coincidence that “Made in Italy” is a synonymous all over the world with the guarantee of clothing of the highest level.

The extraordinary thing about this fabric is that its composition has the same properties as petroleum nylon, while offering a huge advantage in terms of environmental sustainability: regenerated nylon, in fact, can be endlessly recycled, without ever losing its quality. This means that an Alessi Swim bikini, once it reaches the end of its life, can be recycled and become another ECONYL® nylon fabric.

Alessi Swim eco conscious swimsuits are made for sexy and fierce nature lovers.

 By purchasing an Alessi Swim creation, made of ECONYL®, instead of an ordinary nylon fabric bikini produced from petroleum, you will participate in reducing:

  •  The volume of waste in the world
  •  The exploitation and extraction of oil
  •  The 90% impact on global warming potential that a common nylon bikini would cause to the planet. 

Thus, you will have an eco-friendly, durable, high-quality costume in which to feel beautifully sensual. The Earth will thank you.




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