Jasmine Chocker

Jasmine Chocker

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Exquisite Elegance and Modern Sophistication

Enhance your jewellery collection with our stunning 18K Gold Plated Choker adorned with small white pearls. This exquisite piece combines the timeless beauty of pearls with the luxurious shine of gold, creating a sophisticated accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with a durable base metal and plated with 18K gold for a radiant and long-lasting finish.
  • Delicate Pearls: Accented with small, high-quality white pearls that offer a subtle yet striking contrast against the gold, adding a touch of refinement.
  • Chic Design: A contemporary choker design that sits gracefully on the neck, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.
  • Hypoallergenic: Designed for sensitive skin, this choker is free from nickel and other common allergens, ensuring comfortable and safe wear.
  • Adjustable Fit: Features an adjustable clasp, allowing you to customize the fit for maximum comfort and style.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Made from durable base metal and plated with premium gold for a radiant, long-lasting finish.
  • Minimalist Design: A sleek, simple design that exudes modern elegance, perfect for layering or wearing on its own.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Designed for all-day wear, this choker is lightweight and sits comfortably on your neck.
  • Hypoallergenic: Safe for sensitive skin, free from nickel and other common allergens, ensuring irritation-free wear.
  • Adjustable Fit: Features an adjustable clasp for a customizable and secure fit.


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Holding the tape securely, measure around four key points.

1. BUST – Measure over the fullest area of the bust & straight around the back.

2. UNDER BUST – Measure directly under the bust & straight around the back.

3. WAIST - The waist is below the abdomen between the rib cage and hips.

4. HIPS - Measure the fullest part of the hip ensuring the tape is straight around the body.