5 Beautiful Italian Beaches to Visit in Your Gorgeous Alessi Swim

September 1, 2022 | BY ROSSI DIGITAL

Beaches in Italy are some of the most beautiful and popular in the world. With so many different types of beaches to choose from, there is something for everyone. From dramatic cliffs to secluded coves, the beaches in Italy are truly breathtaking.

The beaches below are some of the best in Italy and are great places to find Italians on holiday. Don’t forget to wear your favourite Alessi Swim! 

1) Cala Liberotto in Nuoro, Sardinia

Cala Liberotto is a beautiful sandy beach in Sardinia. With its clear turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs, it is easy to see why this beach is so popular. This beach is the perfect place to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Cala Liberotto is a great choice for those looking for a wilder beach experience on the Gulf of Orosei coastline.

Located along the Gulf of Orosel coastline, this beautiful Italian paradise offers a beautiful view and a wide array of activities you can enjoy. You can enjoy a nice meal at the snack bar or go snorkelling with friends and family.

2) Baia degli Infreschi, Salerno

Baia degli Infreschi is a secluded beach located in the Cilento National Park in Salerno. This beach is only accessible by boat or a hike, which adds to its natural, rugged appeal. The clear turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs make this beach a must-visit.

Baia degli Infreschi is a great choice for those looking for a wilder beach experience. With soft sand and interesting sea caves for snorkelling, Baia degli Infreschi has everything you need for a great day at a best-kept secret.

3) Spiaggia di Sant’Andrea, Livorno

Spiaggia di Sant’Andrea is home to 80 sandy beaches located in the city of Livorno. This beach is a great choice for those looking for a more urban beach experience, as it is located close to the city centre and has a wide range of restaurants and bars nearby.

4) Torre Guaceto, Puglia

If you’re feeling up to an adventure, Torre Guaceto is one of the most beautiful secluded beaches with a gorgeous view. You will need to make a trip of the day as you will have to drive out to the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and take quite a long walk to get to the beach proper.

All of this will be worth it, however, when you finally get to this sandy oasis. The deeper into the beach you go, the more secluded you’ll find it, giving you the perfect cover to enjoy a sunny day with your loved ones.

5) Sperlonga, Latina

If you want a beautiful view with a rich history, Sperlonga is the beach for you. This beach is quite near Rome, and the beach itself looks so picturesque, with white sands and perfectly clear waters.

You’ll find more than one beach in Sperlonga. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, you can get a taste of history among the seaside ruins built by the late Roman Empire Tiberius. If you’re coming from Rome, you can ride the train to Fondi Sperlonga station and catch a cab from there.


If you’re looking for the perfect Italian seaside getaway, there are plenty of beaches you can explore. Not only will you get to enjoy the soft sands, great food and fun activities, but you’ll get a chance to experience Italian history and culture like never before.

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