A 6-Step Guide to Looking Fantastic in a One-Piece Swimsuit
July 13, 2022 | BY ROSSI DIGITAL
woman wearing bikini and kneeling by the pool


If you want to join the Instagram beach trend and appear extremely lovely in your photos, purchasing and wearing a one-piece swimsuit is the way to go. One-piece suits are trendy nowadays, and they are one of the most flattering types of swimwear for women. Its advantage is that they offer a little more coverage while still looking very sexy and fashionable.

However, some ladies are unsure of how to pose or look beautiful in one, making them reluctant to purchase one. However, with the right choice and mindset, you will be able to look flawless and fabulous in your one-piece swimwear.

All you need is to follow this six-step guide to looking fantastic in a one-piece swimsuit:

1) Eye What Colours Match You

The first thing you need is to analyse the colour of your skin and hair. We all have natural skin tones, and if you know what yours is, it will be easier to select the shade that will look great on you. Your swimsuit colour should complement your skin tone, hair hue, and eye colour.

2) Know What Assets to Highlight

Before you head to the beach, you need to know your strong sides and what assets to highlight. If you are unsure of what assets to feature, it is worth investing in a good swimsuit that will bring out your best features. A well-placed one-piece swimsuit should highlight your best assets and make you look more flattering.

3) Look at the Big and Small Details

woman wearing a swimsuit and holding a cup


It's best to notice that there are specific details on one's appearance that make these women look great. It might be in the straps and the holes, but it could also be more minute details outside of the one-piece. For example, the hairstyle, the tan, and more. Always check every detail before heading out the door.

4) Pick a Piece You’re Comfortable In

The first piece of advice for any swimsuit is to pick one that is comfortable. If you feel good in it, you will look good in it. The more comfortable you truly are, the less you will be worried about where to sit and how someone will react when they see you in a one-piece. Select a piece that you feel comfortable in, and you will look great no matter what.

5) Accessorise for Photos

woman wearing black swimsuit


Accessories can help you look great in your one-piece swimsuit, so don’t forget to bring some with you to the beach. The right accessories can make you look better, and vice versa. Thus, it would be best if you were searching for what will work best for you. By including them in your one-piece swimsuit look, you will appear fashionable in your photos.

6) Walk with a Smile and Confidence

One of the most significant steps toward looking good in a swimsuit is to feel good about yourself. The easiest thing to do is to smile and walk with confidence. If you're having fun and you feel good about yourself, your spirit will rise, and your photos will reflect that.


As long as you remember and follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to get the ideal one-piece swimsuit and feel great enough for your candid pictures and a day at the beach. You'll surely be pleased with the outcomes!

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